Previous Conferences

For those of you thinking about coming to IDC2016 you can have a look at the websites for some of the previous conferences.

IDC2015 Logo


The previous IDC conference was held at Tufts University in Boston. The IDC2015 conference’s mission was to bring together researchers, designers and educators to explore new forms of technology, design and engaged learning among children. The conference incorporated papers, presentations, speakers, workshops, participatory design experiences and discussions on how to create better interactive experiences for children. The theme for this conference was “Empowering Children to Create” focusing on technology support for creativity, coding, and maker types of endeavors, with two related themes: Developmentally Appropriate Design and Innovative Interfaces.


IDC2014 LogoWe live in a global society where digital artefacts have become part of the everyday lives of children. Be it education, sports activities, rehabilitation or play, technology has come to play an important role in the way children relate to their physical, social and cultural surroundings. IDC2014 invited researchers and practitioners to share their work on how technology affects children’s well being in a global context and how children, their parents, teachers and peers can contribute to the design of new technology. They invited researchers and participants to share thoughts on emerging technology, new theoretical perspectives, design methods and approaches, and new understandings of child development by questioning how we can build tomorrow’s technology – together.